What Julie's clients have to say:

“I was very nervous about redecorating—afraid that the final product would never live up to what I had in mind. Julie guided me through every step, pointed out the pros and cons of each decision and kept me on track toward my goal. At the end, there were no surprises—just a stunning realization of what I had envisioned.”

Fran Petersen
Laguna Woods

"Once we decided to re-decorate, we met with several designers, all of whom had very impressive portfolios. But Julie was the only one who really tuned into our lifestyle, our needs and what we were trying to accomplish."

Randee and Ed Shumway

"I had spent years building my business and I wanted our new offices to really reflect that success. Julie couldn’t have been better suited to the task. She came in, learned all she could about what we do, our company personality and our day-to-day needs. The project turned out so great, it almost made me want to move again, just to see what Julie would come up with next."

Steve Edson

“I love Julie’s taste. It’s as great as mine.”

Harry Denton
San Francisco

“Julie to the rescue!”

Shelly and Pete Thigpen

“Our #1 decorator for more than 30 years…Classy—or classic—solutions no matter what the budget.”

Tresa and Jim Eyres
San Francisco


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